Shrine of St. Frideswide, Christ Church Cathedral Oxford.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Restored Shrine of St. David of Wales

Here are the pictures from the dedication of the Shrine of St. David in his Welsh Cathedral. The procession began at the city cross, where the bishop blessed the City of St. Davids. The procession then moved to the Cathedral where a choral Eucharist was celebrated and the Shrine was dedicated. Celebrations continued for the next 5 days with shrine prayers and choral Eucharists everyday. The Cathedral also celebrated the feast of St. Non, St. David's mother, on Sunday, March 3.

Below is a link to the diocesan website with more pictures of the Shrine and celebrations, and the sermon delivered by the Canon Chancellor and Guardian of the Shrine, Dr. Patrick Thomas on St. Non's Day.

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  1. Beautiful shrine, but may I ask: do Anglicans really honor saints, or is all of this more for show? I've been to Anglican churches, for example, where candles burned in front of statues or icons of saints, but no one ever lit a candle or prayed there. Once during an out of doors procession, a priest (holding a monstrance containing the Eucharist) shared a joke with someone, which seemed inappropriate. My sense is that Anglicans like the sense of history and beauty that comes with "externals", while being somewhat incredulous about their spiritual import at the same time. Orthodox Christians (I am not one) see icons as being literal windows to spiritual realities, believing that Christ, the Virgin, and saints really look out OF the icons at them in a special way. Anglicans seem to use statues, etc. as "props". I mean no offense, this has been my experience.